Albus 6 meses

Albus 6 Meses is a 100% Albillo Mayor single-varietal that presents itself as the commitment of Bodegas Señorío de Aldea to make a white wine for aging.

Variety: Albillo Mayor 100%.

Age: >100 years.

Vineyard: More than century-old 50 vineyards plant in vase.

Area: 6 Ha

Production: 2500 kgs/Ha

Location: Aldea, Peñalba, Quintanilla y San Esteban de Gormaz.

Soils: Diverse, sandy, stony and clayey.

Weather: Dry winter, rainy spring and warm summer.

Barrel maturation: 6 months in French acacia and oak barrels.

Bottle maturation: >6 months



Clean and bright with straw yellow color and gold trim due to its barrel maturation.


White meat fruits such as reinette apple and pear can be appreciated with soft hints of butter and cream. Further notes of flowers.


Fresh and well balanced between acidity and alcohol. Rounded tannins due to the wood and long at the end.


The harvest was carried out on September 29 and 30, 2018 manually in boxes of 10 kg at dawn.

A few minutes later, a 3rd selection was carried out cluster by cluster in the cellar, after which the grape was destemmed and crushed for its subsequent rest in a stainless steel vat where it was macerating for 24 hours to obtain greater intensity in the nose and enhance the aromas. The alcoholic fermentation was carried out controlled at 16º and the must was placed in 50% French oak and 50% acacia barrels for 6 months.

Finally, the stay in the bottle rack was at least 6 months.

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